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2016-08-29 10:55:59
Why were pink bathrooms in style?




Happy #MidCenturyMonday! Pink Ceramic Tile

Looking around I was enamored by the obvious meticulousness of the first owners (we are the second) of our new home in the Monticello neighborhood of San Antonio. To give you an example, we found the owner's manuals'  for every appliance in one drawer, still in its original packaging - talk about attention to detail! There was one feature of our new home however, that jarred me - that being the Pepto pink bathroom. That was until the day the fabulous Eva Lee, of the Bandera 'antique hot-spot'-Country Accents stopped by our house and explained not only why pink bathrooms were so prevalent in the 1950's but why they are special.

Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about pink bathrooms...

  1. Pink was the single most popular color for bathrooms in the 1950's. With an estimation of 5 to 20 million pink bathrooms built in the US between 1946.
  2. Mamie Eisenhower, first lady, was a huge factor in the popularization of the infamous trend... she even redecorated the private quarters in the White House pink!
  3. Postwar Color Pop - the popularity of pink, along with classic 50's colors like turquoise, chartreuse and candy apple red, reflects the exuberance of the postwar era.
  4. Not just trendy.... but FUNCTIONAL - The reflected glow makes you look younger & healthier! Photographers seem to like pink lighting for the same reason. 
  5. Kitchens too - pink kitchens were also popular for the same reasons...


Thank you to Eva Lee, owner of Country Accents Antique Store in Bandera, TX- who without her extensive knowledge (and endless curiosity) of everything antique, this piece would have been passed by.


Also big thanks goes to Pam with #SavethePinkBathrooms for all of the information. We hope to have you on the 'What's It Worth Show' soon.



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